New music notation software – Ricercar

Posted on July 6, 2009


Just found this interesting project on Sourceforge the other day: Ricercar

(I strongly guess that the name is inspired by the wonderful ricercar parts in J S Bach’s work Musikaliches Opfer – anyway it leads my thought to this astonishing piece, wich is the kind of inspiring hints that I like!)

The project is founded in may 2009 and the current releases, linux/win version 0.0.0, don’t work (!) – but the java code seems to set the ambitions high. Along of course with the project mission statement: “A free, cross-platform, multilingual, cutting-edge music notation editor” 🙂

Eager to see what will come out of this!

EDIT 2009-10-28:

Unfortunately the Ricercar project isn’t developed any more. Harmath Dénes ( is going on with a project called Elysium (, an Eclipse-based editor for Lilypond files. A pity for me, as Lilypond isn’t really my cup of caffe latte, but good luck with this project, Harmath!