Php: Creating an uncompressed zip archive

Posted on July 29, 2009


Such a trivial task! Just use one of the included php libraries..? No. After some hours googling, good old PEAR got me closer. The late Pear Archive_Zip has a ‘no_compression’ parameter option. So, does it work? No. Corrupt content.After some further investigation, I found a reported bug adressing this matter. And a solution! 🙂

Archives become corrupted when use packing with ‘no_comopresson’ option set to ‘true’. I solved the promlem by changing

$p_header[‘compression’] = 8; to $p_header[‘compression’] = ($p_params[‘no_compression’] ? 0 : 8);

in ‘zip.php’ file on line 1429.

Thank you, Kotusev!

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