Php: Getting it together with Kohana?

Posted on September 16, 2009


Somewhere deep inside you carry a vision, a longing, a vague picture of “getting it all together”… At least I do – in every aspect of life..! 🙂

Since I started php coding some years ago, I’ve always had a bad taste in my mouth. It’s so ugly, so diversitive, so sprawling, so poly-cultural (in a bad sense), so non-coherent… This feeling has been accentuated since I started using Flex and Actionscript 3 with its java-like package concept combined with the superb Eclipse based editor… At last an environment that helped me to good and professional-like thinking, structure and habits!

Since some months, I’ve been able to get my php-solutions together in a low-level kind-of-framework-like structure, where I (at last!) quickly and easily can reach what I need: GD-processing, File handling stuff, SQL processing, debugging, ZendAmf stuff etc…

Connecting to my initial philosophies, I would like to weave this basic every-day utility stuff into something that has full limit-less production capabilities, including crudding, cms-ing, caching etc… And maybe I’ve found what I’ve been looking for – Kohana (! With its CodeIgniter roots, it’s the far most elegant and simple php framework that I’ve been able to understand this far..! 🙂

It’s layered concistent structure of system-modules-application makes it so quick and easy! Just one example: Yesterday, I downloaded and tried the s7n cms system ( created in Kohana by Eduard Baun. The complete cms core as one module! Extensions of the cms also as modules! The fundamental Kohana layout virtually untouched! Some months ago I investigated some Zend cms solutions, and they were a complicated mess compared to this one…

S7N admin interface, created with Kohana PHP

S7N admin interface, created with Kohana PHP

And it looks good too…

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