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First steps in Java!

November 10, 2010


Java is tricky, verbose and ugly. And an excellent programming language! I’ve always avoided it, with some kind of subconcious thought that I should use it, know it, that real grown-up programmers program in java. I’we been working on a music notation solution for some months. Started in AS3, while one of the goals is […]

Simple encrypt/decrypt in AS3 and Php – Base64 blues

August 24, 2010


Needed the possibility to handle simple string encryption/decryption the other day — handling the same data in both php and As3. Just a little bit of key salting, and some Base64 encryption. No problem except for the Base64 part. When trying this out, only one of my Base64 libraries gave the same result as the […]

RESTful PUT/DELETE with AS3 using X-HTTP-Method-Override

August 10, 2010


Flash/Flex doesn’t support PUT or DELETE requests, because the browsers don’t — due to limitations in the NPAPI. This is a source of frustration. Workarounds using sockets or prioxies are messy, don’t work with binary data or some other problem… But fortunately, there seems to be a good (enough) solution! Keenan, at Automata Studios, blogs […]

RobotLegs clock example walkthrough 2 – models and commands

August 7, 2010


(Please have a look at part 1 of this walkthrough!) Source code for the following example can be found here. So, now we have an application shell for our clock — we have the UI and we can interact with it. ClockModel – our application data We are dealing with time here — time is our application […]

RobotLegs clock example walkthrough 1 – views, mediators and context

August 7, 2010


I’ve been trying to get the grips on dependency injection in AS3 for a while. Robotlegs MVCS framework ( is causing the most buzz in the community now, but it seemed to be a too big step for me: not only dependency injection, but also at the same time mediators classes, commands, scary metatags… Well, […]

Php and AMF part 1: Zend_Amf and helper class

January 8, 2010


Action Message Format is a proprietary data format used by FlashPlayer in remoting, streaming, shared objects etc. Its binary nature makes it a very efficient way to transfer data – more compact than xml or json. Thanks to Zend_AMF it’s easier than ever to serialize/deserialize data objects – it’s now a breeze to handle data […]

AS3 BitmapData AMF solution using IExternalizable

September 12, 2009


Using bitmaps in an AS3 remoting environment isn’t that easy. If I’m getting it right, the problem is that the BitmapData object needs constructor parameters, wich isn’t combinable with the handy [RemoteClass(alias= ] method of invoking the objects when streaming data into a ByteArray. A walkaround is to wrap the BitmapData into a custom class […]