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Php: interacting with Google spreadsheet using Zend Gdata

February 5, 2011


Here’s a quick post describing how to interact with a Google spreadsheet using Zend Gdata libraries. Download the libraries from here, grab the Zend directory from the library folder and put it in the root of the script described below. Create a new Google spreadsheet, and grab the “key” part from the browser address bar […]

RESTful PUT/DELETE with AS3 using X-HTTP-Method-Override

August 10, 2010


Flash/Flex doesn’t support PUT or DELETE requests, because the browsers don’t — due to limitations in the NPAPI. This is a source of frustration. Workarounds using sockets or prioxies are messy, don’t work with binary data or some other problem… But fortunately, there seems to be a good (enough) solution! Keenan, at Automata Studios, blogs […]