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Haxe 3 promises with promhx

June 14, 2013


[audio: Wikipedia about Promises: In computer science, future, promise, and delay refer to constructs used for synchronizing in some concurrent programming languages. They describe an object that acts as a proxy for a result that is initially unknown, usually because the computation of its value is yet incomplete. The use of promises can greatly simplify […]

GWT: Developing in hosted mode with php, json and XAMPP – Part 3

November 23, 2010


Dealing with json and objects So, now we have some raw json data back from our server script. How to do something meaningful with it? The json data that our php script produced is an array of users. To break this down to objects, we can use two entities: User, with properties name and age […]

Getting started with PHP Cairo graphics extension on XP

November 6, 2010


The Cairo graphics library ( is a widely used solution for rendering graphics to different devices – bitmaps, pdf, svg etc. It’s used by Mozilla, Inkscape, Gimp etc. Some time ago, I realized that Cairo is available as a native php extension: Great! To get it running on XP, I did the following: Download […]

Php and AMF part 1: Zend_Amf and helper class

January 8, 2010


Action Message Format is a proprietary data format used by FlashPlayer in remoting, streaming, shared objects etc. Its binary nature makes it a very efficient way to transfer data – more compact than xml or json. Thanks to Zend_AMF it’s easier than ever to serialize/deserialize data objects – it’s now a breeze to handle data […]

Imagemagick: Pdf to bitmap density quirk

September 24, 2009


When converting bitmapcontained pdfs to bitmaps using the imagemagick convert method, beware the parameter order! The density parameter sets the resolution of the bitmap conversion before resizing – therefore, the higher density value, the better resulting quality. So, the followning should work, but doesnt: convert source.pdf -resize 630×891 -density 300 result%04d.png By some reason the […]

Eclipse plugin of tomorrow? nWire for php

July 29, 2009


Just tried a beta of the comin nWire plugin for php in Eclipse PDT/Zend Studio. It brings super-handy code exploration, including graphical tree view of includes and method dependencies, to php environment. Right now it works in Eclipse 3.5, not in my 3.3 environment, so I have to make some change in my FlexBuilder based […]

Php: Creating an uncompressed zip archive

July 29, 2009


Such a trivial task! Just use one of the included php libraries..? No. After some hours googling, good old PEAR got me closer. The late Pear Archive_Zip has a ‘no_compression’ parameter option. So, does it work? No. Corrupt content.After some further investigation, I found a reported bug adressing this matter. And a solution! 🙂 Archives […]