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Multi platform Music notation with Haxe NME – part 1 – Goals

September 6, 2012


I’ve been working on solutions for music notation for a long time. It all started in the mid 90-s when I had the opportunity to write a book about sight-singing for choir singers. For this I had to produce hundreds of music examples, and I needed a way to get them in an editable vector […]

First steps in Java!

November 10, 2010


Java is tricky, verbose and ugly. And an excellent programming language! I’ve always avoided it, with some kind of subconcious thought that I should use it, know it, that real grown-up programmers program in java. I’we been working on a music notation solution for some months. Started in AS3, while one of the goals is […]

Php: Serializing xml to object

August 24, 2009


Not finding a xml-to-object solution that “normalizes” the result as far as possible down to object level , I decided to create one myself. Single item nodes and attributes are added as objects Multi item nodes are added as array of objects I’m sure that this has already been done a thousand times before, in […]