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RESTful PUT/DELETE with AS3 using X-HTTP-Method-Override

August 10, 2010


Flash/Flex doesn’t support PUT or DELETE requests, because the browsers don’t — due to limitations in the NPAPI. This is a source of frustration. Workarounds using sockets or prioxies are messy, don’t work with binary data or some other problem… But fortunately, there seems to be a good (enough) solution! Keenan, at Automata Studios, blogs […]

Archive solutions in Flex/Air environment – FlashArchiver (FAR) and WINE

September 4, 2009


Using zips in a combined Flex/Air environment isn’t that trivial. When running through FlashPlayer in browser, a compressed zip needs a Adler32 checksum to be valid. This isn’t a standard feature in any of the php zip libraries that I’ve seen. Edwin van Rijkom’s FAR archive ( is a very slick solution to get around […]

FlexBuilder 3 as plugin in Eclipse 3.5 Galileo

August 4, 2009


Just found this article describing how to run FlexBuilder 3 plugin in newer versions of Eclipse (3.4 & 3.5). Just trying it out, and it seems to work. Good news! This makes it possible to set up an environment including plugins that depend on the newer versions. In my case, it’s above all the nWire […]

AS3: Loading sound from bytearray

July 8, 2009


When fiddling with using zip in Flex/As3, I discovered that the Sound class doesn’t have a .loadBytes method (corresponding to the Loader class .loadBytes method). I was able to get the byteArray data out of the zip, but no way to feed a Sound object with it! Grr..! Luckily, there are lots of gifted bravehearts […]